Me, Tim, & Luna

My name is Colleen Mitchell, and I live in Washington state with my husband Tim and our cat Luna.

My main website is Inspired Forward, where I write about personal development, lifestyle, mental health, and type 1 diabetes. I have a podcast on type 1 diabetes called This is Type 1.

I also work full-time in the power industry. My team is incredible and working there is a lot of fun!

Tim runs a food blog called Split Appetites, where he documents his experiments with creating “keto” or low-carb versions of the foods he likes, for me, because I can’t have carbs.

Luna chases stress balls, string, and likes sitting in inconvenient places while we work on things. She also loves camping out on the windowsill, watching for birds or other creatures she has no hope of catching from behind the glass.

How This All Began

I started writing at age 12. It all began in the back row of choir class, next to the principal’s daughter. Somehow we discovered that we both enjoyed writing, and that we could shape our imaginations into stories. She became and still is my best friend.

I wrote two different books in junior high and high school. One told the story of a girl trying to solve the mystery of her father’s death from her childhood, and the other allowed me the space to indulge in my obsession with King Arthur and a fantasy world of my own design.

By themselves, they didn’t survive.

During 2018, I challenged myself to finally participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), the one month out of the year when ambitious writers attempt to reach 50,000 words in 30 days.

I chose to mash my two book ideas together, and my final word count for NaNoWriMo ’18 was around 52,000. Over the next several months the word count blossomed towards 100,000. This undertaking led to actually hiring an editor and receiving terrific feedback for the rewrite I’m tackling during NaNoWriMo ’19.

Every chapter and scene filled me with ideas for more. I always knew I couldn’t tell the entire story in one go. I plan forThe Chronicles of Talahm to be a series of five books.

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