Developmental Edits, First Round!

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About a week ago I met with my editor to go over her comment son developmental edits for the manuscript. Suffice to say, there’re some big changes coming!

Every author should have an editor, and every author should be open to making changes—especially big ones, should the editor recommend them. And let’s be honest: no one’s first draft is perfect. As much as we’d like to be perfect the first time, it just doesn’t happen.

I went into that meeting knowing I needed to change a lot of things, and totally open to anything big she suggested.

Big Changes!

And man, it’s going to be a huge change… So huge that rewriting will take several months. The idea of publishing by November evaporated in a puff of smoke.

I’m 100% okay with this. Setting that goal put a fire under me that nothing else ever did when it comes to publishing. It pushed me to finish the manuscript, seek an editor, and put money down to get someone’s opinion on how I can improve. I don’t understand when writers go to an editor looking for validation instead of feedback.

Halie Fewkes (my wonderful editor) had a ton of great feedback. I came out of the meeting with a lot of good ideas for the rewrite—including a major structural change that is so much better than the original.

And this was just round one!

When the rewrite is done, I’ll be doing another round of developmental edits with Halie to polish the story even further. But that’s a few months out.

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