Start Here! My Author Journey

I get all sorts of questions about my author journey, so I’d like to share them here for you.

What Do You Write About?

My writing falls into one of three categories.

  1. Original fiction
  2. Fanfiction
  3. Nonfiction

Kind of basic, I guess, but let me go into more detail about each of these.

Original Fiction

This is what you’re here for. The Prophets of Camlaan is original fiction, pulled together from the two full-length manuscripts I wrote in high school that didn’t go anywhere by themselves.

I like writing about fantasy, magic, King Arthur, and I’m especially good at writing drama and angsty things, though I’m not sure why.


My Fanfiction author journey started in 2008 on I posted stories and chapters there regularly until the end of 2015, when I finished the longest story I’ve ever written and subsequently lost a lot of motivation for writing FF. Even so, I still had ideas for stories that I sketched out on my computer, but never uploaded.

Unfortunately, is slowly going by the wayside and I can’t log in from my computer anymore due to site problems, so I couldn’t upload new stories even if I wanted to.


My nonfiction is probably what I write most often, over on I write about mental health, self-improvement, lifestyle, and type 1 diabetes. We’re launching a podcast on type 1 diabetes in the next couple weeks!

Between Inspired Forward and my Medium profile, I’ve published almost 300 pieces of nonfiction on the internet.

How Long Have You Done This?

I’ve been pursuing creative writing since at least 2005, when I was 12 years old. I remember writing my first book throughout junior high and early high school, getting it spiral bound at Office Depot, and doing my pre-teen version of self-edits.

It was a sucky manuscript, to be honest. I didn’t improve until I took Gwen Mansfield‘s creative writing class in high school.

How Do You Come Up With Ideas?

I get the best ideas when I read fiction. Harry Potter in particular brings up a lot of great ideas, as does Stargate and other sci-fi/fantasy stories. I’m obsessed with King Arthur and the Titanic (the ship, not the movie), so I have ideas floating around for even more stories.

Other great sources of inspiration come from Reddit’s /r/writingprompts sub, which is full of creative people and great ideas.

The best way to come up with story ideas is to not force it. Writing every day is a habit, but I don’t always know what I want to write and I don’t always know where the story will take me.

When I regularly wrote Fanfiction, I often worked off a title idea and had no concept of where the story would end.

Even with writing Prophets, I didn’t really know where I would end the book, but I did outline what I’d like to see happen in the sequels.

Are You Published?

The Prophets of Camlaan will be my first real book publication! I’ve wanted to be published as long as I can remember, but never did a lot to make it happen. I wasn’t confident in my writing as a youngster and took great pains to keep my fiction to myself and make sure my family didn’t know about my Fanfiction stories.

I’ve opened up a lot more in recent years, especially in 2019. My blog, Inspired Forward, has pushed me into new experiences and given me the confidence to pursue becoming a real, published author.

My author journey is still ongoing, and will be for the rest of my life.


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